Typical Treatments

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"My only interest is achieving great results with minimum client discomfort"

No two waxing treatments are the same, however, all clients will have a quick consultation before we wax to ascertain safety. You can use this time to ask any questions to put your mind at rest and also make you feel more comfortable and lose any embarrassment you may have.


For male intimate Hollywood & Brazilian waxing, leave any inhibitions at home, remember its all been seen before - I do this daily! My only interest is achieving great results with minimum client discomfort.


The area will be checked to see which direction the hair is growing and for moles or obviously sensitive areas.

If the hair is too long, it will be trimmed to about 1/2-cm if not already done. This reduces breakage and makes the waxing procedure more comfortable.


Pre-wax anti-bacterial lotion is applied to cleanse and protect the skin against infection. Your hands, and mine, must be clean and disinfected as you may be asked to keep skin taught for intimate waxing - being sterile helps prevent infection of freshly waxed skin.


Hard wax is applied using a spatula and left to harden, this only takes a minute, wax is applied to other areas during this time. For larger areas e.g. male back wax or male chest wax, warm strip wax is used.

Wax is pulled away in a fast motion in the opposite direction to the growth removing the hair by the root.

A hand will then be placed on the waxed area to quickly reduce any stinging.

Any excess wax is removed and an antibacterial soothing lotion is applied to encourage the hair follicle to close and disinfect the skin.

The correct Outback Organics post-wax product will be applied to cool and calm.


Finally, when you are looking smooth and gorgeous you will be given some aftercare advice and booked in for your next appointment in 4-6 weeks time.


To book an appointment call: 07769 628459